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Order for personalised horoscope reports which will help you plan your life ahead. This 3 in 1 astrology pack can strengthen your hopes, providing you with the right guidance. Check your In-Depth Report (detailed horoscope analysis), Gem Recommendation (gems for improving your +ve influence) and Numerology Report (your remedies based on numbers) now; available at Rs 1500 750 only.


Horoscope Report – the complete handbook of your life:

  • Remedies for the next 25 years including remedial mantras, yantras and fasting.
  • practices to help override obstacles, if any
  • Favourable periods for career marriage, property, business etc. for up to 60 years
  • Predictions on personality, marriage, career, property and general well being
  • 25 years predictions, period- wise
  • Transit forecast about your immediate future, the next 5 years
  • Yogas for health, wealth and prosperity

Numerology Report - based on your name number and date of birth

  • Personality insight, tells you more about your personality, health, well being and career
  • Ideal partner suggestions based on numerology
  • Health tips, tells you the critical years in your life & gives guidance
  • Improve personal effectiveness - your favourable days, numbers, colours & directions

Gem Recommendation - pick the perfect gemstone as per your birth charts and planetary positions

  • Gems recommendation based on your horoscope
  • Gem carat weight, gives the exact carat weight to be used
  • Health tips, tells you the critical years in your life & gives guidance
  • Metal setting, recommends the right metal to set the gem in
  • Personal recommendations on how and when to start wearing the gem

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